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Founder Friday in London with Erica Reid

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Dear nécessité,

How are you feeling, beautiful? Check in and ask yourself, “How do you feel?” If you feel some physical discomfort, breathe into that area. I know this may sound a bit kookie but try it. I do it and reap its benefits; therefore, I share it with you.

It can help and send positive energy and flow; it’s a bit of release. However, that discomfort needs some attention. Things usually trigger our aches and pains. Not only food. Stress, thoughts, emotions, auto accidents, falls, bumps, injuries, trauma, any accident, attitude, anxiety, pressures of life, anything can set us off with any discomfort.

If one part of us suffers, all parts are affected and suffer in some way because it is all connected. Notice if you go to the doctors and say an area on your body hurts, why do they only focus on that area? In actuality, all of us holistically get off balance because it was set off balance by something.

Connect the dots. Some of us are more sensitive and fragile than others (I know I am), so our responses may vary. We are not all cookie cutters; we are individuals. We must honor ourselves. Do what works for you.

Helpful tips to Breathe

  • Sprinkle 1-2 drops of safe, calming, essential oil in hands and gently inhale.
  • Pause and breathe for a few seconds (inhale and exhale)
  • Lay on your back in the park, backyard, or bedroom floor or where it is comfortable & be still & breathe.
  • Count to 12 as you lay and naturally and gently breathe.
  • Stand in place, lift shoulders and inhale simultaneously, and slowly release breathe and shoulders together.
  • Give thanks for your breath daily.

Breathing is a blessing. I thank GOD for allowing me to breathe as I sleep throughout the night. Think about it; some are not as fortunate. Something we can easily take for granted. Right now, do you know if your next breath is coming? Give thanks to it if you get it. I once never thought about that specifically. Did you? Yes, I, too, took breathing for granted. I assumed if I was awake, it was coming. Not anymore.

You better believe it’s in my prayers now. I like to rub essential oil on my bed linens (sheets) and create my breathing environment for bedtime and for any calmness I may require at any given moment. I travel with my oils; I keep them in my purse (because you never know when you may need to take a natural breath and breathe).

It’s great to rub in your hands and take a thankful pleasant inhale. Please do it now. Just inhale to the count of 4 (seconds), hold for 4 seconds, and then release for 4 seconds, slowly. Repeat it 2-3 times. How do you feel? Check-in with you. Ask you, “How do you feel?”

Play around with oils and let them speak to you and engage your senses. You’ll learn what you enjoy and what works for you. YOU are your life’s most significant investment.

You are a nécessité.

Have a great weekend.

Stay calm and create your breathing moment and breathe.

Much love & gratitude,

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Gut Health & Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.

Author of The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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