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Founder Friday: Self-Love, Self-Worth-'The Goddess' with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

Happy Balance Season, my love. It’s the season of keeping your life balanced and/or getting in balance. Also known as Libra season, my other favorite season. It all must feel good, aligned, calm, and peaceful and be in balance for me. No tipping the scale more to the left or the right, but even. Balance. Create ‘your’ balance. You have that power in you. Step aside, get out of your way. I enjoy life and the simple & easy parts of it the most, all the blessings. Of course, there are challenging moments that become our moments of lessons, aka tests. Hurdles. I keep jumping those babies one by one, sometimes with tears and all. Learning to learn always and to evolve is what I thrive off of.

I am a student of life, and I love it. I embrace it. Healthy stimulation- no side effects. Seeing what I can take from my lessons and apply it. I do not sweat the small stuff. (Not even the big stuff, for the most part, it depends). It’s all because of the grace of GOD. Seriously. As we are in this season of balance, I have some questions for you. What is self-love to you? What is self-worth to you? Do you respect yourself? How do you know? Is it true that you are not truly respected if you do not respect yourself?

You cannot be or give love if you do not love yourself. Self-worth. Self Love. I know one thing, it is important, and we must teach our girls and ourselves to have more of it. To not be so naive and manipulated and smoothed talked. Not to mistake someone’s niceness as a sign of truth, love, care, and concern. To know that a pair of shoes, a Chanel bag, a piece of jewelry, flowers, a bottle of fine wine, or a few dinner dates and events are meaningless, not meaningful unless you can be bought and you settle for yourself.

Superficial actions can make one sell themselves short and belittle their worth. Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. Falling for the okkidookie. Glossy eyes. Being vulnerable is where you’re able to be told anything so one can get their ultimate prize at the expense of one not having self-worth. Dishonesty can be like candy, sugar-coated. Yes, of course, consequences always follow, but where is your worth? Your self-love? For you! Allow our inner Goddess to shine and be honored, but if we do not honor her, guess what? No one else will either. If we do not love her, no one else will. I love all on my inner girl.

She’s my ruler. My leader. I feel her divine energy; she is why I am fearless and strong and able to keep moving forward, shining, and feeling blessed. Aside from healing and keeping my mental health positive to receive healing, today, I feel the best I’ve ever felt right now. (Next to the day I first got over morning sickness and became a first-time Mom). That overall holistic feeling (yes, aches and pains present, but as a whole being) A natural high. A genuine smile on my face because it’s coming from inside. It’s the energy of life force of her in me knowing her self-worth and being extremely comfortable with self. Feeling lovely. Treating self with honor. Always like this, you may be asking? Ha, are you kidding? No way, but now, ooooh yes, baby. (College days, I learned some serious stuff).

Give yourself what you know you deserve and require mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and with healthy, quality food on your plate. Do not let others rain on your parade or take advantage of you. Pay attention; people always tell on themselves. Actions are everything, and they speak the loudest. Bruised egos require constant rubbing from somewhere, anywhere, as long as the rubbing gets done. Know your worth. Hurt people, hurt people. Be #1 or not at all. Have integrity. Keep your soul. Nurture your spirit. Honor your being. Have self-love. Have self-worth. Relish in your divine, infinite self. Shine the Goddess with-in. Start today. She’s alive and wants to play with you. I am thankful for her.

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious”- Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth.

Enjoy your weekend.

Much Love & Gratitude,

Erica Reid

Founder of nécessité

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Gut Health

Certified Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.

Author of The Thriving Child (Parenting)

Author of Shut Up and Cook! (Cookbook)

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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