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Founder Friday: Air Quality Protection with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

How are you? Does it feel like summer to you? It is June, and between cool weather in LA, as if it is fall season, and orange skies on the east coast, I have no idea what season we are experiencing. Speaking of orange skies. If you are on the east coast and witnessing the fires’ aftermath, please consider your and your loved one’s health (including your pets).

I have spent many days being aware of smoke ruminants and learning how to live during those moments, so I had to share some suggestions because I care about you. When I see the images my friends and family are sending me, it reminds me of the days of 911 and the blackout we had in NYC. 

All moments to honor, respect, and have compassion and empathy for. Daily we must prioritize our health, but even more so right now. Although it may seem as though it is nothing alarming, it is what you cannot see that can threaten your health. The pollutants in the air can create havoc from the toxins and load up in your system. 

This is the time to bunker in and zoom more into self, not be fearful, but to take extra steps for protection. If you are smelling something, that means you are inhaling something- particles! Particles are not always visible, but they may settle into your lungs. You are a nécessité, so treat yourself with love and care.

Consider these tips to help you navigate through this temporary moment. (And to help avoid a possible longer health issue).

Stay Indoors:

Not to be held hostage, but whenever possible, remain indoors to avoid exposure to the current polluted air. 

Keep windows and doors closed:

This may help prevent outdoor pollutants from coming indoors and into your personal space. Place towels under your front doors (back doors, too, if you have them) and around the base of your windows if a strong smell is coming inside. 

Use Air purifiers or filters:

Consider using them to improve indoor air quality. Run them in the room you spend the most time in. I know this is not great for the environment, so help your carbon footprint by using it in rooms that are a nécessité for your health. 

Avoid Air Conditioners:

Even the air conditioning unit (the ones that hang from windows) can circulate outside air to come inside. Check to see if your unit does or does not do so. Be aware.

Remove Outside Shoes and Clothes and Get in the Shower:

If you are going outside, remove shoes & clothes immediately so you are not releasing those items inside. (Especially if a newborn baby, children, asthmatic individuals, sensitive people, or elderly). Debris settles, so it’s most likely settling in clothes, hair, and the soles of the shoes are picking up all things on the ground. 

Create a Clean and Calming Environment:

Create a safe and peaceful space within your home where you can relax. Please keep it clean, well-ventilated, and free from any potential sources of outdoor toxins.  

Stay Connected to Self:

Engage in activities that bring you joy and help you relax, such as reading, practicing mindfulness, breathing work, laughing yoga, and listening to your choice of music.

Check on neighbors and friends:

Be sure neighbors and elders in your area are good and safe. See if they need anything. Call your friends as well. Host a fun sleepover with family and loved ones. If you need any help, do not be shy; ask for help and advocate for yourself.

Nurture yourself:

Eat healthy foods and drink enough clean, clear water to help flush out toxins. Consuming a nutrient-rich diet is vital. Lots of vegetables and fruit. These foods provide essential vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and overall health, especially during this time.

Practice Respiratory Protection:

If you cannot sit still, challenge yourself to do so, or if you need to venture outdoors, wear a properly fitting mask that can filter out fine particulate. Remember, you cannot see what your lungs receive from the air. Look for masks labeled as N95 or N99, which can provide higher protection against air pollutants.

Limit Physical Exertion:

This can help minimize the intake of polluted air going into your lungs if going outside to work out.

Pet care:

Keep pets inside as much as possible. Take them out to do their business and then back in. They may need to get exercise inside for a few more days. It is temporary; hang in there.

Pray, Pray, and Pray:

You know me, the power of prayer is a nécessité. Not only today and during this time but every day. Talk to GOD. It is free and available 24/7. Remember, it is a nécessité to prioritize yourself and take proactive measures to protect your health during this time. By implementing these simple steps, you are demonstrating resilience and strength in the face of adversity. You are not being selfish by making yourself a priority! I am here for you and believe in your ability to navigate these temporary challenges with grace and determination. For whatever reason, this is the summer we are given. Embrace it safely it. This is only a moment. Stay positive.

You are a nécessité.
With love and gratitude,
Erica Reid
Founder of nécessité
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified Gut Health
Certified Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies
Author of The Thriving Child (Parenting)
Author of Shut Up and Cook! (Cookbook)

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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