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One Week In Puerto Rico, A Travel Guide

sunny beach resort

Hop a plane for a few hours and you’ll reach one of the most beautifully vibrant islands in the Caribbean, without ever having to open your passport. While the country is still recovering from a natural disaster, there is no better time than now to visit. From azure-blue oceans to tropical rainforest to some of the most mouth-watering cuisine, Puerto Rico is the place you need to add to your itinerary, like, now.


The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

Located on a former coconut plantation and situated between the El Yunque National Forest and Espíritu Santo River State Preserve, this stunning resort lies amidst a cool 483 acres of land. Inclusive of two miles of secluded beach, two bird sanctuaries, a golf course, a fitness center, and a world-class spa, this luxe hotel is easily one of the best places to stay on the island if you’re looking to go all out.


La Copa Llena at The Black Eagle

With one of the best views on the island, and some of the best cuisine to boot, La Copa Llena in Rincon is one eatery you don’t want to miss. Catch the sunset from an outdoor wooden terrace overlooking the ocean, while noshing on an innovative menu with items like shredded papaya, peanut, and shrimp salad and cashew nut, catch-of-the-day fish curry.


If you’re looking to ring-in an evening to remember, look no further than Marmalade in San Juan. Chef Peter Schintler (formerly of New York’s fabled Le Cirque) serves artfully-crafted cuisine a la tasting menus in pairings of four, fix or six courses only.


El Yunque

The only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, El Yunque boasts a diverse habitat of rare trees and birds. Go for a hike down one of the many trails, take a dip in the natural pools behind the waterfalls, or relax and take it all in.

Ann Wigmore Natural Wellness Institute

If you want to add a bit of wellness into your week in Puerto Rico, head on over to the Ann Wigmore Natural Wellness Institute. Here, founder Ann teaches the healing power, science, and practice of the Living Foods Lifestyle in her Two-Week Certificate or One-Week Relaxation and Renewal workshops. Deepen your knowledge of raw, organic, living, and cultured plant-based foods, proper food combining, mindful eating, internal cleansing, yoga, meditation, and relaxation.

Pública Espacio Cultural

A large gallery featuring a rotating calendar of exhibits from a plethora of different Puerto Rican artists. The works are politically-charged, aimed to broaden the viewer’s understanding of the Puerto Rican diaspora, yet completely visually stunning. After wandering through the art, make a pit stop at Cocina al Fondo, the restaurant in the back of the gallery that serves traditional, locally-sourced cuisine.

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