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Welcome Letter

Dear Nécessité  Woman,

Bonjour, thank you for visiting us here.

I am Erica Reid. I am a mother, a wife, a Maltipoo’s mommy, and a lover of life. I want to use the nécessité platform to help make a difference, through all the differentiation categories that inspire and motivate me and perhaps do the same for you — through self-care, food, beauty, style, interiors, travel, entertainment, and philanthropy. This is how we, as women, connect. This is how we care for ourselves. These are our nécessités…

nécessité is something that’s been brewing inside of me since I became a mother over 18 years ago. I loved being pregnant. It gave me a surge of energy. There was an extra heart inside of me, a full being with a soul inside of me; and as a result, I was more empowered, with power. I just felt so inspired. I was learning, observing, and taking notes.

Being faced with my own health challenges and contributing to making myself very sick from food allergies to environmental issues to reproductive issues and then birthing children that had their own health challenges led me to write my books, The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook. But those two books weren’t enough. I could not find anything that was speaking to me, to my daughter, or to my friends that were constantly asking me to start a lifestyle empire to speak to our needs. There was an absence of inclusion — therefore, I knew, I wasn’t done. I still had more to say and to do, and I wanted to share more, and that’s how nécessité came about. This is a space that honors us as women in all of our complex, contradictory, and multifaceted glory.

nécessité  is an inclusive daily content site that reflects the ever-evolving nature of women. It’s about finding small, manageable, realistic ways to implement lifestyle changes without depriving yourself. To me, our well-being is not a luxury — it is an investment. It is about seeing self-care for what it really is: a non-negotiable nécessité. 

Orange is our favorite color that is why you’ll see it as you explore nècessitè. We want you to experience the positive energy it exudes such as warmth, health, encouragement, happiness, and creativity. Relax, enjoy, and try something new.


Here’s what to expect.


Self-care has always been a priority. We feature the stories and self-care routines of women as a way to expose you to their daily regimes as well as introduce you to new products and practices to get you inspired. We must always love and give inward to ourselves before we can to anyone else. This includes our children, spouses, partners, etc. Self-love, self-care is always a nécessité.


As a certified holistic health coach, I’ll share recipes that not only taste good but maybe beneficial to you as well. We showcase our favorite places to eat, along with spices, herbs, and ingredients we find helpful-and delectable, of course. Part of achieving optimal health is what we decide to put on our forks to nurture our bodies.


Amongst many things, this is so important to me. I have had environmental allergies for a long time. Always sensitive to dust, but more things as time went by. Same for my children.  We also have had food allergies all our lives. I have never let this hinder me from doing anything or for providing meals for children. Allergies were the driving force behind both of my books, The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook! I’m so grateful. Here we’ll provide recipes and informative information related to allergies, food, and environmental allergies and sensitivities.


We curate mindful, non-toxic products from brands we respect and love, sharing with you products, tools, and techniques we find interesting and choose to not live without — for example, the ancient art of the Kansa Wand facial massage. 


At one point in my life, I desired to be a buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue; I was always frolicking in my mom’s Norma Kamali clothes and Robert Clergerie shoes, that is where I gained my love and appreciation for personal style. We share with you helpful ways to build a wardrobe of nécessité’s, as well as being able to shop some of the fashions most coveted pieces in “The Closet”, a second-hand curated resale space with a few of my favorite pieces, a sustainable way of shopping.


We offer you a curated selection of products for your personal space and show you how to create a cozy, positive, feel-good personal home/office environment. 


Travel is inclusive — it is a nécessité because when we travel, we learn. Being raised by a single mother who worked for the airlines, who always made sure my sisters and I traveled, is where I grew my love for discovering new and interesting cultures. Here we share some of our favorite destinations from around the world.


Because the arts are diverse and a  nécessité, we share our favorite movies, music, books, and celebrity moments.

Affiliate Shopping

Here we provide you with mindfully curated product recommendations that we love and support in hopes that you will love them too. The trust of our readers is very important to us, therefore, we want to inform you that nécessité may or may not receive commission/compensation from affiliates for products featured throughout the site.

Final Sale

To help keep our carbon footprint low, all products are final sale.


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Certified in Auriculotherapy (Ear Seed)

Best Seller Author of The Thriving Child

Best Seller Author of Shut Up and Cook!


Philanthropy Is Embedded In Our DNA.

Philanthropy is a core part of the nécessité mission. We share where you can also choose to support charitable organizations in private so you have a chance to make a difference, with ways to give from your heart to theirs.

Thank you for being on this evolving journey with me. I’m so grateful you’re here — let’s do it together. We are not a moment, we are a movement, we are nècessitè.

Here we go…