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Your June Produce Guide: Eating Seasonally This Month


We’re just a few short weeks away from the start of summer, ready to shed the layers of spring and embrace the sunny days and warmth of the rays on our skin.

With a new month and new season on the horizon comes fresh fruits and vegetables in their peak seasons, ready to be harvested and enjoyed in the comfort of our homes. So don’t be shy – take the warm weather as a means of inspiration as you think up new ways to cook and consume some of your June produce.

What’s in season now?

Across the United States, produce in season for you may not be the same produce for somebody who lives in a different climate than you. It’s important to consider the varying temperatures and growing conditions in the Northeast and Southwest as an example. You may experience shorter peak seasons in the Northeast for certain crops compared to the Southwest, yet, with the highs and lows of temperatures across the four seasons, you may see greater diversity in what can be produced in a specific season.

We’re here to offer some guidance and inspiration when it comes to your June menu at home as you continue on your seasonal eating journey. Here’s a round-up of just a small portion of the fruits and vegetables that are in season in June, along with a recipe or two to test out in the kitchen.


It’s summer squash season! One of the more popular of the bunch is zucchini, a much more versatile vegetable than some may realize. Zucchini, whose peak season runs from June to late August, has a host of nutritional benefits, providing us vitamins–namely, vitamin A–minerals, and plant compounds. You’ll also find that zucchinis offer our bodies antioxidants, as well as fiber which can help aid in healthy digestion (along with its high water content) and can promote heart health.

Looking for more inspiration? Zucchini might have been all the rage years ago during the “zoodle” craze, but don’t be fooled by the perception of a trend. Zucchini makes for a great pasta substitute should your diet require a low-carb option, including in this forza lasagna and zucchini and carrot pasta. Dice yourself up some zucchini and add them to fresh salad for an added crunch, slather them in your favorite marinade to add to the grill for your next cookout, or add them into your next soup like this silky zucchini soup or this summer corn chowder (don’t be fooled by the name, it has a generous portion of zucchini).


Cucumbers are an absolute essential for any veggie lover. These vegetables are in peak season between May and August, providing a crisp, hydrating snack when we need it the most. We know cucumbers consist mainly of water, but they also have necessary electrolytes that can also help with our hydration. They also contain vitamin K, which is a vitamin essential for bone health and helps our blood clot.

Looking for more inspiration? Cucumbers with lemon and mint in your water is a classic drink, but we have some other ideas on how you can use these vegetables outside of your beverages or a veggie tray at the next cookout. These veggies are the perfect added crunch to any rolls – from these cauliflower sushi rolls to our veggie spring rolls and collard green wraps. Cucumbers on their own can make a beautiful salad, including this easy cucumber salad to serve up as a fresh and crunchy side or paired with tomatoes and parsley for a Mediterranean twist.

Cherry tomatoes

Last month, we had regular tomatoes on the radar for our May produce shopping list. This time around, we’re bringing cherry tomatoes into the mix, which you’ll start seeing pop up toward the end of the month of June. Cherry tomatoes will provide similar nutritional value to regular tomatoes, giving us necessary vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds as well as small amounts of protein, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Looking for more inspiration? While regular tomatoes are great for sandwiches and as a base for your basic sauce, cherry tomatoes have their own role in the kitchen. On their own, they can be cooked and blistered on the stovetop and paired with a crisp piece of toast and a drizzle of your favorite finishing oil (a layer of ricotta, mozzarella, or burrata is optional). Skewer them with some veggies for your next barbeque or try tossing them into this summer cornbread panzanella salad with some cucumbers or add them to this homemade pizza for some additional veggies.


Figs really have two seasons when it comes to being timely in the produce department, the first of which–called the “breba” season–occurs during the first few weeks of June. These fruits are high in fiber and act as a natural laxative, aiding in healthy digestion with an added bonus of prebiotic properties to promote gut health. They’re also rich in antioxidants while also supporting our bone health and blood pressure.

Looking for more inspiration? Figs may forever be associated with Fig Newtons, but let’s step past the processed snack and focus on the real deal. Fresh figs can go a long way in the kitchen. Slice them up to dress and garnish your next salad with a base of leafy greens for a sweet addition to the mix, include them on your next charcuterie board for an unexpected twist to add to your meats, cheese, and other accouterments, or even slice them and add them to your ricotta toast with a drizzle of honey to find that balance between salty and sweet.

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