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Culture & Entertainment

Marsai Martin: A Young Filmmaker in the Making

Young lady smiling in tie dye shirt

Black-ish star, Marsai Martin is an amazing actress and now filmmaker on the rise. At just 14 years old, Martin signed a deal with NBC Universal Pictures in partnership with her Genius Productions company, making her the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history.

With this deal, Martin and her production company will collaborate with Universal Pictures on a variety of projects, the first being her latest film “Little.” The film, which starred Martin, alongside Regina Hall, and Issa Rae released in April with a total domestic gross of $29.3 million.

“I think producing is something that’s so important,” said Black-Ish co-star Yara Shahidi. “When you look at the amazing work that’s being done, even by my little sis Marsai Martin, I think there is now a new precedent being set.

That you have to have inclusion in infrastructure. It’s not just about being on screen, but it’s being behind the screen as well.”

Shahidi shared with Nécessité that she has plans of her own to produce content in the near future. The interesting thing about Martin’s deal with Universal is that it follows the firing of her agent who suggested the young actress take a break when she originally pitched her film ideas. Martin used her agent’s lack of support as fuel to produce her own scripted content.

My goal is to show young women and girls that our voices and ideas matter and you are never too young to dream BIG!

Universal Pictures is looking forward to partnering with the young actress who offers a unique perspective. If this deal is able to set a trend in the industry, we can feel more confident that film and television will begin to reflect diverse stories. For now, we’ll be supporting Martin and all her endeavors.

Photo Credit: @marsaimartin

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