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A second-hand store of new/used items, remember when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Why Cupping Therapy So Damn Trendy Right Now

Body cupping
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Perhaps you’ve heard of the ancient Chinese therapy that leaves those infamous red circles on your back. Or seen the plethora of celebs showcasing the bruises on their Instagram feed. But the latest buzz on the wellness scene is actually not even a trend. It’s a practice that has been used by many cultures around the world for close to 5,000 years.

What is Cupping?

Evidence of cupping as a practice has been documented in early Chinese and Egyptian medicine. Historically, the first cups were used for other medicinal reasons, but today they are used to create a suction that draws blood to that area of the body. A professional practitioner places multiple jars on your skin and either keeps them there or moves them around with oil. A vacuum is created in the cup to draw the skin and underlying tissue up toward the surface.

What Does Cupping Do?

Cupping is known to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief and relaxation, and promote overall wellbeing. It’s also used to improve blood flow, improve immunity by increasing lymphatic output, calm the nervous system, stretch muscles and connective, and optimize athletic performance. According to experts, there are many health benefits to cupping!

Why & When Should You Go?

Most people typically see a cupping practitioner to treat something that ails them, whether it’s muscular pain, athleticinjuries, gastrointestinal and circulatory issues, lung ailments (like a cough!), skin troubles, or even stress.

One of the many reasons why cupping is so damn trendy right now is because it’s low risk, so there’s minimal downside if someone wants to try it. And since it’s steeped in centuries of history, there has to be some truth to the methodology. If you’re looking to test out wellness’ buzziest practice check in with a practitioner to see if the treatment could be helpful for you. Or if you’re looking to test the method at home, check out the Facial Body & Cupping Therapy Set below!

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