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Erica Reid presents Founder Friday: Detox Spring with a Liver Cleanse


Hi, my love,

How are you, sunshine? It’s April, NYC experienced an earthquake, it’s Springtime, and a new season. In with the new, but first out with the old! I hope everyone is safe and ok from the earthquake. It is so jarring, and the body can experience extra stress based on how we react and respond to it.

I have experienced many earthquakes, and each time, my heart races. Once I am past the initial shock, I take deep breaths so my body can return to homeostasis. It takes a minute to regroup and access. That fight-or-flight mode is no joke. In my opinion, God is indeed speaking and trying to get our attention. Are we listening? Look around… Just like our bodies speak to us, so does Mother Earth. Spring is the time for renewal. Resetting. Tweaking. A rebirth. New energy. Fresh energy. Lighter. Detox. Cleaner. Less of. Shift the wardrobe—change of foods. Healthier Days.

Do better. Live better. I appreciate this season, and all it offers—the beautiful buds of blossomed flowers. Leaves add more color and life to trees. Clearer skies (well, it’s supposed to be). GOD sharing his masterpiece with us is one of our biggest blessings from him. We do not wait for Earth Day to do better to God’s borrowed property on loan to us. Start now, even with our own bodies. Start caring more now. Why wait? We have today, this very moment, so why wait? This brings me to mention one of our most important organs inside of us that may require added attention right now—the liver. The liver is our largest internal organ and one of our superhero organs.

It helps filter in and out toxins, but sometimes toxins get stagnant and can create a fatty liver. A liver overworked. A liver is barely working—a toxic liver. I am speaking from hands-on experience. My skin used to be so horrible on my face and body, with constant breakouts. Extra weight that was not the norm for my body frame (in the past). In addition to making game-changing skin products for myself at home, I tried liver cleanses. Wow. I had no idea. I have done a few cleanses and noticed only benefits were reaped. I started cleansing my liver when I got into health on a deep and serious level, not a surface level.

My skin was so much better; the whites in my eyes appeared more, and my skin, woot woot, more beautiful. Today, one way I help my liver and care for her is by taking extra antioxidants through my foods and sometimes supplements, making my homemade castor oil packs, sitting in infrared (for over ten years, this has been part of my medicine), praying, and receiving the white light and positive energy to my liver.

Sounds crazy? Truth and from experience, I speak honey. If you drink alcohol, going dry for January is cute, but what about the other 11 months? Alcohol can create havoc on the liver. I am not saying avoid drinking; perhaps choose to be more aware of the side effects if you do drink. Anything and everything we do affects our liver. Honor her. Be gentle with her. Be more aware. Offer her more care. Our organs are a gift and very precious. They are strong but sensitive.

Do you think you can care a bit more about your liver? Are you drinking enough regular, clean, and clear water to help her flush out dirt from her organs? (It is not water with bubbles or flavors bought in a bottle, but regular H2O). Look into celebrating your liver as we go through spring and prepare her for summer. Release the emotions being held in the liver and turn to GOD for guidance, support, help, and prayers! I promise faith is great medicine. Love on your liver more.

Have a beautiful and appreciative weekend. And if you’re watching the solar eclipse, protect your eyes with the proper protective eye care.

You are a nécessité.

With much love and gratitude,
Erica Reid
Founder of nécessité
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified in Gut Health
Certified in Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Author of The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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