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nècessitè TV: Salmon Burgers

woman in the kitchen

At one point in my life, my B12 was so low, my neurological system was in danger and it was extremely compromised from past accidents that left me where I was having to load up on salmon for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It made a huge difference.

I do not consume salmon now, but if I ever was in danger like I was in the past in this area, I’ll consider wide-caught salmon, if I had to. I recommend getting wild-caught salmon over farm-raised salmon whenever possible.

Wild Caught Salmon:

It is cleaner, raised in more of its own natural habitat and is not caged and fed chemicals to be something it is not. The quality is present and it offers desired nutrients and benefits.

Farm-Raised Salmon:

It is usually kept in cages and is fed antibiotics to help keep the parasites and diseases at bay or away.

Some Salmon farmers add chemical color to give it that ‘pink’ color during the farm-raised process.

The beauty in healthy quality salmon like wild-caught is, it is loaded with Vitamin B12 which is required for our neurological system, also, we can get protein, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and much more.

With any fish, do not overload on it to avoid your mercury levels from increasing.



Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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