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Immune-Boosting Foods To Stay Healthy Through Wintry Weather

leafy greens on rustic table

As temperatures drop and winter begins, the cold season starts to roll on in. It’s inevitable for the change of weather to mark the onset of sniffles. But it doesn’t necessarily need to if you arm yourself with the right immune boosters.

No one likes being sick less than I do, so this year I’m doing my due diligence to prep my body to stay healthy through transitional weather. While getting 7-8 nightly hours of sleep and taking lots of Vitamin C are great ways to keep your immune system in check, there’s also a plethora of delicious foods that can give you an extra boost. Whether or not you’re feeling an oncoming cold, incorporating as much nutrient-rich fare into your meals will give your body a great base to combat anything. 

Citrus fruits

One of the most common cures for colds, citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C – which is said to increase the production of white blood cells. Eat grapefruit for breakfast, keep oranges and tangerines around for snacks, or squeeze some lemon or lime juice onto lean meats.


It’s one of the richest sources of antioxidants and is antiviral and antifungal – which means it will not only fight inflammation, but it helps keep your immune system strong. Add it to curries or soups or make a golden latte with your favorite non-dairy milk.


Packed with vitamins A, C, and E (as well as fiber and antioxidants) broccoli is one of the best vegetables you can bring to the table. Roast it as a side or throw it into a bowl of pasta to get some of that goodness.


Another coveted ingredient, ginger cleanses the lymphatic system (which helps rids the body of toxins and waste) and decreases inflammation. Anyone who’s enjoyed a warm cup of ginger tea on a cold day is already familiar with the benefits. It’s not only good for your body but good for the soul.

Dark, leafy greens

It’s no secret that dark leafy greens are chock-full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, but they are also a key source of specialized chemical signals that our immune systems use to communicate. So load up on those spinach salads and smoothies!

Green tea

We’ve already covered the many benefits of matcha, but green tea is a great source of the amino acid L-theanine (which produces germ-fighting compounds) and powerful antioxidants such as EGCG, which enhances your body’s immune function.



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