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Wellness Retreats and Resorts to Hit Up This Summer


During the last year, the global shift has put a wedge in many of not only our travel plans but also our self-care routine and wellness journeys. As things begin to shift back to normal–our “old” normal–we can now allow ourselves the opportunity to do something that supports our mental and physical well-being. 

We’ve rounded up a list of wellness resorts and retreats happening across the country this summer to check out if you’re seeking out these excursions to better your mind, body, and spirit after the tumultuous journey this last year has been.

Castle Hot Springs

This spot, nestled in a remote desert northwest of Phoenix, is a historical landmark in and of itself. The 210-acre property belonging to Castle Hot Springs, left untouched for over 40 years, has restorative, thermal waters, which are just one of the reasons why this is the perfect resort spot for any of your upcoming trips. These thermal waters were once used by Yavapai and Apache people who traveled to the hot springs for medicinal purposes. The natural hot springs onsite emanate water at 115 degrees, divided into three hot spring pools, and used to heat the main pool at the resort as well as private soak tubs used throughout. 

The newest iteration of the resort pays homage to its historical roots, delivering wellness and privacy (which is what we all need after a year of always-on digital communication) at this desert hideaway. The Zen Wellness package is designed to help guests slow down, re-align, and find balance, harmony, and well-being. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some of the resort’s amenities, like a signature massage (sign us up!), healing soaks, and guided nature walks for your outdoor and fitness fix. 


In upstate New York, Troutbeck has found the balance between luxury and rustic, retaining its 250-year legacy of hospitality by fostering an environment focused on community. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, but aren’t ready for a full-blown retreat, Troutbeck recently opened The Barns, which offers a full range of wellness services, including yoga and kinesoma classes, mindfulness meditation, interval training, and pilates. If you’re seeking more solo solace, private sessions are provided for even more me time, including massage therapy, acupuncture, Gua sha, and somatic experiencing.

Lotus Home Yoga and Wellness Retreat

Located in its own little oasis in the heart of Los Angeles, California, Lotus Home provides guests with the opportunity to reconnect with themselves and enhance their lives with healthy habits. Their one-day signature retreats offer each guest to participate in expert-led yoga and meditation alongside a restorative gong bath. Enjoy a healthy brunch as well as a dinner, including vegetarian, vegan, and raw options depending on your dietary needs. Throughout your day, expect a Vinyasa flow class along with breathwork, later followed by a neurographics and art therapy workshop, and a sound bath and meditation to round out your mini-wellness day trip.

Ojo Santa Fe

At Ojo Santa Fe, you will want to take a moment to connect with the natural world through its spring-fed waters that have been a source of healing for millennia. Located on 77-acres, you’ll find yourself immersed in the opportunity to take a soak in the historic thermal pools, enjoy spa treatments, and farm-fresh dining between your complimentary experiences, like yoga, pilates, hiking, and even visiting the resort’s Puppy Patch and Silkie chickens. Ojo Santa Fe offers additional experiences to enhance your wellness weekend, including tarot readings with their own hypnotherapist and mythologist. At their spa, take the opportunity to heal, and reflect, especially after the last year. They combine Eastern and Western therapies, local herbs, as well as natural products into each service so you are in the best of hands (quite literally). Enjoy a long list of massage therapies as well as energy healing treatments including cranial sacral therapy, sound healing, polarity therapy, and reiki. And if you’re looking for true, deep relaxation, book yourself a float tank session for a deep and well-deserved form of meditation.

Chopra Retreats

We may not know where we will physically be at various points in our lives, but Chopra Retreats allows us the grace of flexibility and options when it comes to our own wellness journeys. Chopra Retreats aims for wellness and our well-being to be more accessible, acknowledging that self-care looks different for each and every one of us. So wherever you are on your wellness journeys, there will be a retreat for you. On each retreat, no matter the location, attendees will have the opportunity to tune in to what our minds are telling us, learn what it feels like to put your own well-being first, kick-start our wellness journey, and most of all, unlock a better version of ourselves. Twice a month, the Whole Health Retreat takes place in Carefree, Arizona, providing guests with custom lifestyle and health recommendations based on their specific needs following the completion of a Mind-Body Health Questionnaire. Each day, you’ll experience daily spa activities, like personalized massages and meditation, along with yoga, educational sessions, workshops, as well as a cleanse to help release toxins. The goal? To have a well-rounded approach to your own well-being to carry into your everyday life to keep striving to be your best self. It’s what you deserve! 


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