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Founder Friday: Creative Gift Ideas for Nourishment

bone broth
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Dear nécessité,

Happy Decemberrrrrrr. It’s one of my all-time favorite months. I love December. I love it for many reasons. One reason, an entire 12 months went by that we made it through whatever came our way. We can set the intention of how we want to end the year and start the new year. (And I do not mean resolutions). I love the winter season. I love love love love love the time with family it grants many of us and I truly love wearing a fabulous coat and feeling cold and chic at the same time. Yes, it’s possible. Ask Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the city.

My ultimate favorite holiday season of the year, the decorations of all the holidays being celebrated. I love looking at the colorful lights, the festivities, and seeing how people expressed themselves through their decorations for their homes, stores, streets, buildings, etc…. I just love it. It is so cozy to me and cheery. My inner child smiles and feels so good. It is the one time of year I feel we get decorations that illuminate many places. I simply appreciate it. People are out shopping looking for gifts to give others. We know people are thinking of others during this time. It is special to me.

This brings me to say, here are a few great gift ideas to help provide for yourself and or for a friend, co-worker, or dear loved one. Now that we have done our thing with Thanksgiving food (you know my meal was not only vegan but plant-based), you or someone you may know may require a break in the kitchen, a bit of help, and some nutrition. Soups are great, can be full of nutrition, and are easy to digest along with healthy snack options that are not filled with much of the other stuff. Don’t stop here, keep going below here to find out more.

First, I am sharing this soup place called, Brodo. Do you know it? One of my dear girlfriends from high school took me to one of their locations one cold day after acupuncture to get a cup to go. I had never had it. I had seen this place plenty of times but never stopped to experience it. We changed all of that on this day. She says to me, “It’s bone broth, but you can get yours vegan”. So, I am like then is it still considered ‘bone’ broth, what is it, where are the bones coming from? Is it the stem in the Kale, maybe that is why she is saying bones? I was clueless. I treated us to some soup. Her soup was animal supported and mine was vegetable supported, both with its vitamins, minerals, collagen, and nutrients.

Mine did not have bones; it was seaweed. I am sharing this place with you because it may help support your immune system right now and as we enter cooler days ahead and they ship nationwide. Suffering from some gut issues, these soup offerings may help depending on the issue. San’s gluten, dairy, and sugar, free of those ingredients. Whether you are on the east coast, west coast in the south you name it, we all have our seasons and require nutrients from what we consume. The seasons may look and feel different, but our systems must be properly nourished and supported during each season. Eat for the season I believe in. They do not use any preservatives; non-GMO, and they use organic and grass-fed animal bones. You can freeze it and trust me; you or that gift recipient will be so thankful you loaded up on some of it, especially for that day when it becomes a nécessité. Thank us later. Do not wait.

Order now a gift for you or a dear one and keep it as an option on hand in your freezer for that rainy, cozy day. Brodo. If you want something healthy, in addition to soup to send to yourself or that special simple gift, send a box of healthy snacks.  Who does not enjoy good snacks? I know I do. I choose to snack on items that will sustain me through my day and I indulge when I desire without the guilt of snacking. People love going through a nice, curated box of goodies. These are great gift ideas to give to anyone. Gift someone in college a subscription or someone that may require some financial support getting items. Say the message with heart and health. I know I was appalled at some of the snack offerings that colleges and schools provide for snack options as if snacking can only be offered and made with the worst possible stuff to consume.

Not true. Healthy snacks do exist. Urthbox provides options. They offer a little bit of everything. Select from Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic and the list goes on. They are great to grab from your selection when company comes over or if you are relaxing with a book, listening to a great podcast, or even traveling during this time and desire a little nibble. You can be more prepared and help someone else as well in a healthier way by gifting a box of goodies this holiday season. What are you waiting for, think of yourself as well and send a nice simple gift to show a bit of thought. 

Let me know what you get and what you think of the options for both the soups from Brodo and snacks from Urthbox.

Happy December and Happy Healthy Yummy Shopping are made easy and fun as it is a nécessité.

You are a nécessité

 Much love & gratitude, 

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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