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Iridology: What It Is And How The Eyes Is The Window To Our Health


Iridology advocates believe the eye is a window into the body’s inner workings, offering insights into potential health issues. Embraced by some as a holistic tool for health, iridology suggests that the eyes hold the key to revealing potential systemic imbalances, guiding individuals toward well-being. While its acceptance varies, proponents appreciate its gentle approach to wellness.

What is iridology?

Iridology is a safe, pain-free, and non-invasive approach that studies the pattern of the iris, the colored part of the eyes, to provide clues on a person’s health status.

According to this field of study, the iris is divided into distinct zones, each corresponding to a unique organ of the human body. Over the years, iridology practitioners have used this tool to identify stress, digestive problems, and underlying health conditions. The Optometrist Network notes that iridology can further reveal high cholesterol, high blood pressure, liver damage, lymphatic issues, weak immune system, and allergic sensitivities.

History of iridology

Some researchers believe iridology had its roots in Egypt, India, and China over 3,000 years ago. However, credit for modern iridology often goes to Ignatz von Peczely, a Hungarian physician in the 1800s. Accidentally breaking an owl’s leg as a child, he observed changes in its iris, leading to his study of how illnesses affect the iris. In 1880, he crafted an iris chart to showcase his discoveries.

How iridology works

Using a diagram known as the iris chart, an iridologist will perform a physical exam on the eyes and compare the findings to identify potential health conditions that have caused changes.

This chart intricately outlines the left and right irises, dividing each iris into 60 sections representing various body parts. Each section on the right iris map corresponds to a specific organ or structure on the right side of the body — mirroring the same pattern for the left iris, where each sector corresponds to structures or organs on the left side.

In a session, the iridologist examines the pigmentation of both irises for irregularities. For instance, if a discoloration or anomaly is detected in the bottom center of the right iris, the iridologist would reference the iridology chart to identify the corresponding body part, revealing potential issues with the right leg in this scenario.

The iridologist will also gather results consistently over time to monitor changes that signal the progression of an illness. Given its non-interventional approach, there are no contraindications associated with the use of this practice.

The bottom line

Iridology claims to unveil the secrets of one’s health through the iris and presents a captivating yet controversial view within alternative medicine. However, mainstream medical communities continue to emphasize the importance of evidence-based healthcare.

It’s important to note that while iridology serves as a tool to identify potential health concerns, it does not offer a definitive medical diagnosis or treatment plan. An iridologist may recommend supplements during the reading, but medical experts advise consulting with a qualified healthcare professional for comprehensive medical advice and care. This is important for people with severe underlying medical conditions.

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