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One Day In NYC: A Travel Guide For Wellness Like A New Yorker


The vibe of New York City is more go-go-go than unwind and relax — but don’t let that stereotype stop you from making the city your next wellness destination. Always ahead of the curve, NYC offers every self-care indulgence imaginable… and, actually, it has some you haven’t even thought to imagine yet; like futuristic facials (think acupuncture meets LED light) and a New Age fitness class that raises your heart rate and your vibration.

To start, stop over at Chillhouse. The multi-hyphenate location is a spa-meets-café-meets-salon that’s loved by locals and visitors alike. Grab a Beet-cha Latte (that’s a matcha latte with beet juice) while you having your nails done — may I suggest The Full Monty, a manicure and hand massage rolled into one? Once your digits are dry, head over to the spa section for The Works, a 50-minute body treatment designed to “flood you with endorphins and serotonin in the most natural way possible.” What a way to begin the day, right?

Next, book yourself a slot at The Class, the fitness phenomenon that every new-agey New Yorker has experienced at least once. The self-described “self-study through physical conditioning” workout pushes your body to its limits in an effort to prove the power of your mind. You might dread the sweat, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sense of enlightened illumination that follows.

For lunch, drop in at Souen. The cult-favorite macrobiotic restaurant known for it’s butter-free boiled vegetables is definitely low-key — you can wear your workout clothes — but it’s one of the best in the city when it comes to healthy eats. “It’s the most pretentious unpretentious place you can go,” says The Cut; if only because it’s totally possible you’ll catch a glimpse of an Olsen Twin at the table over, chowing down on an $8 plate.

After giving so much attention to your body in the morning, it’s time to show your face some love. Book a session at Gotham Wellness, where acupuncturist Stephanie DiLibero can treat you to a Traditional Chinese Medicine facial. She always makes it modern, though, finishing with 30 minutes of blue and red LED light therapy to simultaneously soothe inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria. It’s the skincare version of east-meets-west.

Naturopathica is the perfect destination for an easy afternoon. The apothecary-turned-skincare-company sells herbal remedies for anything that ails you; or, you can just chill in their Sensory & Meditation Lounge while sipping on a fresh green juice.

Evening has fallen on NYC, by why ruin a perfectly good day of wellness by washing it down with sugary cocktails? Instead, check out Club Soda NYC, a feel-good dance party frequented by health-conscious Manhattanites. There’s no alcohol (hence the name), but it offers every other benefit you’d expect from a club: a dark dance floor, cool people, and all-hours entertainment.

NYC is said to be the city that never sleeps, but after a day of pure relaxation, we’re willing to bet tonight’s the night you get the best rest of your life.

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