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A second-hand store of new/used items, remember when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Top Beauty Tips For A Long Flight

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Let’s face it. Long-haul flights are awful. No matter how you package it. But spending hours 40,000 feet above the sky doesn’t have to take such a toll on your skin.

We spent hours researching the best tried-and-true tips from flight attendants to beauty editors (and beyond!)–and found that a few in-the-air tricks can make all the difference.

From what to eat and drink before your flight, to what to slather on during, we’ve culled a heaping helping of advice for your next excursion.


The single most important thing to do is to drink water because long haul flights are the ultimate dehydrators. Experts recommend 8 ounces of water per hour you’re flying. Pro tip: Book yourself an aisle seat and begin hydrating before you fly with a liter of water. Continuous bathroom breaks may be annoying, but they’ll get your body moving, which is essential for maintaining healthy circulation and fatigue-fighting oxygen levels! 


Keep a stash of makeup wipes handy to ensure that you start the flight with a clean slate. You NEVER want to fly with a full-face of makeup. It’s bad for your skin! Give yourself a fresh face to start your in-flight skincare regimen.


Massage nourishing face oils onto your clean skin or bust out a soothing yet moisturizing sheet mask while you’re in the air. The oils deeply moisturize, condition, and protect the skin from dehydration and oxidative stress, while a moisturizing mask provides the skin with much-needed hydration during your flight.


Because beauty sleep is one of the most assured ways to look refreshed at arrival, nearly every beauty savant will pack an eye mask for optimal shut-eye after her in-flight skincare routine. Before dozing off, we also recommend diming the light and avoid any forms of entertainment that’s too stimulating, as well as the blue light that emits from smart devices to ensure proper rest. 

Looking for a few essentials to throw into your suitcase? Here are a few of our favorites to shop now!

Photo Credit: @laurennapierbeauty

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