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A second-hand store of new/used items, remember when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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How To Keep Your Hair In Check When The Humidity Is Unbearable

Woman gazing at at the sky

The summer season can be a woman’s worst hair nightmare. The humidity seems to give way to your mane having a mind of its own—which can more often than not mean the hours you spent primping have been completely in vain.

But fret not! We’ve culled the interwebs to find the best solutions to keep your hair in check when the humidity outside is completely unbearable. And according to our findings, it all starts in the shower.

Start with a frizz-fighting foundation.

Opt for shampoos and conditioners that are lightweight and have a moisturizing or smoothing formula. And while your hair is still damp try a leave-in condition or serum to get your hair to set as frizz-free as possible.

Towel dry properly.

How you dry your hair is equally important. Even if you welcome your hair’s natural texture, make sure that you get all the moisture out gently by squeezing (not roughing up!) the water out. 

Try an oil or shea butter.

Coconut oil is a favorite amongst beauty enthusiasts because it is light and works well on pretty much any hair type. Whipped shea butter can also be a complete savior when it comes to battling frizz. They are both great sealants to lock in texture while smoothing over flyaways. And they smell delightful.

Lock in style.

Opt for a super-fine, anti-frizz aerosol hairspray to lock moisture out for flowy, natural styles. Or if your hair is a bit more on the wavy or curly side, use fingers to comb a climate control gel over strands before letting air dry.  

When in doubt, wear it up.

If you have too much hair to deal with (I feel you!), take the easy (and cooler!) way out by putting it up. The summer heat turns my hair into what feels like an extra layer of clothing, so I tend to not even want to deal with it. Try a top bun or French braid to keep your look chic, and your hair out of your way.

 Photo Credit: @mayasworld  

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