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Why Blotting Paper Is The Beauty Must-Have Every Woman Needs

Woman blotting her face

Although the heat seems to be simmering down a notch, the summer sun can still do a number on our skin. Especially when you have a face full of makeup and you’re running around town throughout the day. But we’re here to share a little beauty secret. Blotting papers are the savior you need to stash in your bag ASAP.

Sure you can brush on powder or a spritz of setting spray, but nothing quite handles oil like a simple sheet of blotting paper. If it’s the matte look you’re after, these powerful little babies soakup excess sebum on the skin in an instant. And they’re incredibly easy to throw in your purse and take with you whatever your destination.

What are blotting papers?

Blotting paper is a super thin, incredibly absorbent sheet typically made from natural ingredients such as rice, cotton, flax seeds, and/or charcoal They’re super simple to use and leave your skin perfectly shine-free.

How simple are they really?

Too easy. Take out a sheet, and with gentle pressure, press it on you your forehead, cheeks, nose, or anywhere that needs a little extra shine control, and BOOM. You’re back to complexion perfection. It’s the perfect quick fix when you’re on-the-go, doing your boss lady thing.

Morihata International

Oil Blotting Paper

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Why should I use them?

Unlike tissues or toilet paper, or even blotting powder, these sheets won’t disrupt your makeup. Which is a big win for those wanting to keep their face intact. And they’re discreet enough to slip in your purse or your pocket for mid-day touchups.

Which ones should I buy?

There are so many options on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! But we’re particularly in love with the Charcoal Blotting Papers from Morihata. Each sheet is infused with a very fine bamboo charcoal powder and is like magic for your complexion. The absorbency of the activated charcoal powder is extremely potent and effortlessly removes oils and impurities from the skin. Plus, the minimalist packaging is uber-stylish. They are the beauty nécessité that will carry you from summer into the next season and throughout the year across all of your travels.


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