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Founder Friday: Bringing Home NYC Self-Care with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

I love to learn. Do you? I sometimes can find myself buying too many books, is that even such a thing? Lately, my crystal game has been pretty strong. Can one ever collect too many crystals? Do you believe in them? I am only into the positive energy vibe of it all. I am not one into having certain cards read etc… I like the future to remain the future. The unknown is fine by me. I am into energy. I feed off of it, I am led by it and I am it!

Whenever I am in NYC I like to explore. To me, it is part of the beauty of being in NYC. I let go in the city, get lost and let the city carry me through without a plan other than being on an excursion. I walk so it makes me feel much better and more relaxed than being tensed up with much anxiety and palpitations being in a car in LA. (The driving there is a different story.)  I explore restaurants, neighborhoods, go down streets I have never walked on or heard of in all my over 20 years in the city and the list goes on. One thing I truly enjoy is exploring random stores. I do not just stumble into a store. The universe lures me in for whatever reason. I believe all happens in the divine plan, not by coincidence. What do you believe?

I am truly a student of love, life, wisdom, health, doing and being better, and much more overall. Self-improvement is a journey that I have been on for the last 25 years. I am still me, but I am a more experienced me that has allowed me to grow, become more enlightened, embrace what is my new way, and get rid of too. Getting rid of once I am more aware is work and I feel good when I do it. I recently learned that I must not be so reactive. I believe we are 90% reactive and the other 10% non-reacting.  That is what I am currently working on. I am not perfect but I am trying to improve where I want and to stay in my calm, peaceful zone and not let anything or anyone bring me into a space that makes me reactive. We all have issues and simply put, sometimes, other people’s issues are simply their issues, not our issues.  It is all work regardless.

Some stores I have gone in to get some goodies to help me along my journey of healing, and being better than are special in their own way I share with you here! I like to support businesses, people, their ideas, books and the list goes on. If the energy of a store pulls me in, I go in. If it tells me not to go in, I do not go in. Here are some that you may be inclined to experience yourself.

I am all about customer service and the first one I mention here is the woman that helped my sister and I.  She was so patient, helpful, and did not rush me and my sister as we asked many questions so we were able to learn more. Of course, there were other people in the store, but they had others working that we’re able to assist them with their questions and concerns. Now, I had never gone to this store. My sister is the one that led me here as she did a speaking engagement here before. They have a great book selection on many things from chakra’s, to color therapy,  to pendulums, singing bowls, and more. If you are able to go in person, give it a try if your spirit is in the mood. They have 2 locations on the same side of the street about 2 stores away from the other so perhaps experience both.


4 W. 14th Street

NYC, NY. 10011


This next place I have visited and supported a few times. Heather is nice, knowledgeable and so helpful. She knows her crystal stuff. If she is super busy, she’ll let you know as she has done with me before, but do not take it personally. She has taken her time and talked and answered many questions before. She knows so much in the crystal area and more. Cute store. If you are in desire of crystals and you like burning incense here is a place to visit and learn about crystals and which specific crystals offer which benefits of each. I like keeping crystals in my space and carry at least 1 or 2 with me.  I often carry tourmaline with me to help absorb negativity that may be in the area and more.

I have been using this stone for years. I recently purchased Moldavite which is a super intense high vibrational crystal I am told. It may be too intense for some. It is great as one goes deeper into their own spirituality and transformational path and it may offer spiritual healing and much more. Amazonite is another new one for me, which is said to support the heart and throat chakras, which is also known to help relieve some muscle spasm, help with certain injuries,  assist in recovery from trauma, helps balance deficiencies with our metabolic system. I am requiring much of all of this on an energetic level. Remember, we are all energy and everything is energy, therefore, energy is powerful, so do not underestimate it!

Have fun learning and collecting some additional energy to bring in your space. Please do not rely solely on crystals for any kind of required healing, always seek your own trusted health practitioner.

Stick Stone Bone (West Village)

113 Christopher Street

NYC, NY. 10014


One day I was receiving a therapeutic overall energy treatment from one of my many healers that travels to NYC to assist those in need of physical healing and we were talking about what I am in too and what teas I drink etc…What a source of information he is and has.  I am so thankful to him and his time with me and his support and guidance.  As we were talking he asked me which herbal teas was I drinking at the moment. When I told him Marshmallow Root/Powder and Burdock Root, he asked me had I ever been to this store that I am sharing with you below. I said, no. He insisted I go. He said it was totally me and all of what I am into. So, what did I do? I went off course. My sister and our dog came along. What a cute, small tea store.

The guy was very helpful and nice. I purchased a few items and got my teas. Marshmallow tea can be so helpful in healing certain conditions due to its content of polysaccharides and flavonoids. Some health conditions that may be supported by this lovely tea that was made more known by the Egyptians are ulcers, skin, indigestion, heartburn, dry coughs, sore throat, help with the mucosal linings, and more. It indeed has helped me tremendously. While we are all the same but different, find what works for you and your constitution.

Burdock which is one of my favorite teas to sip is so powerful on my system. I love it. I like to drink tea but eating the actual burdock root is my favorite. This incredible root can assist with the spleen, arthritis, skin, purify the blood and help with our lymphatic system, and more. It is so yummy. I was first introduced to it over 15 years ago during my macrobiotic eating days by a well-informed incredible woman who was and is such a blessing to my family and I. Truly she is a gift. I am forever grateful for her.  This tea place is a gem.  They have a huge assortment of teas and a few books you may enjoy. I have never been to a tea place as such for real fresh teas in NYC. I am sure whatever tea you drink, they have it here. This is a great offering of Mother Earth to bring home and into your system. Please do not rely only on teas for health conditions without the guidance and support of your professional health practitioner.

Flower Power Herbs and Roots Inc. (East Village)

406 E. Ninth Street

NYC, NY. 10009


Are you looking for some quality vitamins and supplements but not sure where to go and which to trust? Look no further. This is the most integrative pharmacy hands down. David and his team are fantastic and beyond helpful and so well educated and such great service. Caring. Supportive. Rare. Patient. Not in town, no worries, ask nicely for items to be shipped. The best at its best!

VitaHealth Apothecary


Bring home some extra NYC self-care self-love as you nourish yourself and do your emotions, mind, body, soul, and spirit some calmness and provide it with soothing moments.

From my sharing spirit to yours. Enjoy.

I hope this helps you in some way.

Much love and gratitude

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!






Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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