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Enhancing Our Meditation Routine

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Meditation is a powerful practice to have as part of our spiritual routines, though it’s a practice that many often feel intimidated by. It can feel daunting to fully embrace mindfulness and devote yourself to being present in the moment, even if just for a few minutes at a time. How could we turn our minds off when we’re plagued with life’s daily stressors? When we have an ever-growing to-do list? When we’re struggling to feel wholly connected to ourselves?

Just like any aspect of our wellness journeys, our relationship to meditation and mindfulness is personal and needs to align with our needs and what we yearn for out of our practices. Whether you’re a long-time practitioner or you’re dipping your toes into meditation for the first time to help lower your stress, simmer down any overactive thoughts, or improve your focus on yourself and the people in your life, there are new ways we can enhance our routines for optimal results or even just as a way to switch things up. 

While meditation can be done any time, anywhere, no accessories necessary, there are tools that we can use in our day-to-day lives that can help induce a meditative state or even just bring our practices to the next level.

Amethyst Knotted Mala Beads

Malas, also called yoga beads, are necklaces typically made of 108 beads–with one large bead, the guru, in the center–to enhance spiritual practice, including yoga and meditation. The guru is said to hold any energy that is generated while you partake in the spiritual practice of your choice. They have existed for thousands of years, originating in India and rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism. Malas can help individuals focus their minds during meditative practices and promote deep mental grounding to help open our minds.

“The Quiet Mind Techniques for Transforming Stress” by John Harvey, Ph.D

Stress feels inevitable, especially in this day and age. It creeps around every corner, waiting to pounce on us and manifest itself through negative effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. But how can we combat and reverse the way our mind, body, and emotions create this stress within ourselves and employ practical techniques to help relax the mind, body, and spirit to bring balance back to our lives. Author John Harvey provides actionable, easy-to-implement tips for us to use in our day-to-day life to alleviate the stressors that may be causing us harm, including relaxation procedures, breathing techniques, and meditative practices.

Divine Me Anointing Oil

Formulated with a blend of golden jojoba seed oil, palo santo, and pure essential oils, apply this roll-on to your pulse points, third eye, and heart center before inhaling deeply. This method of aromatherapy can help soothe any anxieties or stress that may be plaguing you. By harnessing the power of this blend of oils, we have the opportunity to promote clarity within ourselves and forge a deeper connection with our spiritual side.

Palo Santo Wood Sticks and White Sage Set

There’s something about a freshly cleansed space that helps open up your mind within your own personal environment. This bundle of palo santo and sage can help cleanse the energy of your home and personal space, bringing forth calming energy to set the stage for your meditation. All you have to do is light the corner of the bundle and allow the smoke to fill each corner of the room. Start at the entrance and move around the space clockwise, cleansing however many rooms your heart and soul desire.

Vata Essential Oil Blend Roll-On

Formulated with a blend of palo santo, jatamansi, clary sage, and essential oils, you can roll on this earthy blend to help center and ground you. Feel and embrace the calming properties of this oil, putting you in the right mood and mindset to reap the full benefits of your meditation practices. Apply directly to your clean skin wherever you see fit and enjoy the moisturizing and aromatic benefits. 

Center Your Heart Bath Brew

Made with therapeutic grade salts including Himalayan, Epsom, and dead sea, organic spike lavender, organic french lavender, and organic rose oil, along with rose petals, Hellen NYC’s bath soak is a luxurious addition to a nightly routine. Each bag comes along with an array of precious stones, including clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst, to help cleanse any energetic blocks that are bogging you down. Allow yourself to soak in the tub, opening yourself and your mind to the world so you can receive the maximum benefits from any of your meditative practices.

Binchōtan Charcoal Eye Mask

An eye mask is an ideal accessory if you need a good night’s sleep, a moment of relaxation, or help aid in a better meditation. This mask has charcoal powder infused into the organic cotton along the back of the mask, which can lessen the appearance of under-eye bags, all while gently molding along the contours of your nose and eyes to block out any pesky light. Enjoy the relief of fatigue and tension around the eyes and relish in the benefits activated charcoal can offer.

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