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Founder Friday: Happy Father’s Day, Mom's


Happy Father’s Day to all the mothers who tirelessly dedicate their lives to raising the next generation of people. Some mothers take over the position of both mother and father. So we owe it all to you. I grew up alongside 2 sisters in a single-mother household. Overall, my upbringing was calm and peaceful, but simultaneously very fun. Four ladies were on their menstrual cycles, so go figure.

My parents divorced when I was about 6 years of age. I honestly do not recall them ever being married. I know they were married because I have seen wedding photos and I have worn my mother’s wedding dress (that I was gifted with) numerous times, but I honestly do not ever recall the union of marriage in our home. I never experienced being able to watch my parents have a close relationship, or “cuddle family time” in the bed. Instead, I experienced that duality in one person, my mother. I have worked with several healers in an attempt to overcome this, and separately, but consistently, they all say I must have released it and let it go.

I did not store it in my subconscious. I never felt like I was missing something or that there was a void in my life as a result of not having a male in our home. My mother’s character was so strong and the energy in our home was always so joyful, that it almost felt normal.

It was normal. Many years ago, (when I was about 12 years of age) we used to refer to my dad (and dad’s like him) as a sperm donor (not actually how the word sperm donor is used today). At the time, it felt like that, because my mother was our everything. She had to place herself in a Father’s shoes in situations of male expertise: when it came to dates with boys, homecoming, prom when I started dating the man I married,  etc…she did it all. In my opinion, this was a beautiful thing. Arguments in our home were uncommon- unless my oldest sister got into trouble. 

She and my mother would go to it. One thing I am very grateful for, I must admit, is never having to experience my two parents yelling at one another. We always wished our mother a Happy Father’s Day on days like today, therefore, I say Happy Father’s Day to my Mother first, and then to my Dad who has since been constantly in my life for the past 23 years. And for that, I am super grateful. While we may be physically absent of a ‘man’, father figures do exist and I am thankful for the one I have had every step of the way, my mother. I love you both so much. I am forever thankful for the life I was given.

Thank you to you both because I am who I am as a result. To all you mom’s having to be dad’s, Happy Father’s Day!

Much love and great health,

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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