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Founder Friday: Gratitude Candle by Erica Reid


Dear Nécessité,

Happy Day. I hope you are well and in a positive mental and physical space. The light is coming for us. I am proud and have been waiting for this very moment to share with you a new baby to the nécessité family. I have been working on this for over a year and I am so pleased with it and I am truly proud of it. I love it and I hope you do as well. If not, that is ok too, I still love you.

Welcome to our first (and maybe our only, not sure) nécessité candle. Anyone who has been in our home knows how detailed oriented it is and how I like to create my space and make it not only look impeccable, feel happy and positive, but also to smell more than good. Scents are important as we use our sense of smell to appreciate the beauty of things. I like to take it all in. Whether I am soaking in the bath, working, cooking, sitting in the living room, or just meditating, the nécessité candle helps create and add that special touch. It creates a great ambiance.

I wanted to create a candle not only because I love to create and see my vision come to life, but I wanted to share something that was able to go in all of our homes and help us feel good regardless of what we are doing. I was adamant about having the glass jar be orange, and the right color orange (although the candle makers thought I was crazy until they saw the finished product) because, it became my favorite color after I found myself again, (me the person) orange represents happy, creative, it radiates warmth, the color orange is known to be uplifting and optimistic, it can help restore balance to our physical energy which is important for all of us and I know I truly desire that, what about you?


Gratitude Candle

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I had no idea when designing this that orange also represents help with grief and when we face times of despair, who knew. This nécessité candle just adds that Je ne sais pas. Therefore, I am offering this candle to you at a discount to say I appreciate you, I thank you and you mean a lot to me. Thank you for being a part of our nécessité community and on this journey with us. Subscribing is a choice, and I say thank you for doing so. Therefore, please accept this gift of 10% off for you, this weekend only.  You can load up on your candles now and get your home ready for the holidays or even send a simple special holiday gift to remind your loved ones to keep their light lit. By using the code GRATEFULCANDLE2020 at checkout.

100% of proceeds for this weekend’s candle sales will go to one of nécessité’s selected philanthropic charities- Edible School Yard.

I selected the Edible Schoolyard charity to contribute 100% of proceeds from the candle this weekend because I have experienced first hand the program. I went and saw for myself the work a school in Harlem was offering to children through their charitable efforts and I was so drawn in immediately. I love that they are now supporting the children that are at home and doing distant learning, which is so important, therefore, for me, it was a no brainer to help support them, and together, you can as well.

Enjoy with much love and gratitude,

 Certified Holistic Health Coach 

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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