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Founder Friday: Giving is a nécessité


Dear Nécessité,

I so wish we were all able to visually connect and talk and be a bit more intimate with each other. I want to connect with you not only by you reading my words from my heart but have a real connection (And not on zoom)Some other way, somehow. Any suggestions? I am open. Please please please send my way. Seriously. As we sit in the holiday season, we have experienced this present way of life for over 200+ days. Yes, over 200+ days. We must keep moving forward. How much longer may be the question? I have no crystal ball. 

This holiday season, I know it’s very tough for so many more right now than ever before. There were times when my sisters and I had to wait for our mother’s payday to get a treat of a meal outside the home, (in a restaurant), but there are so many that cannot even get a meal inside the home right now and much more. More than we can imagine. 

There are ways we can help others and there are ways we can seek help, do not be shy. This is a moment of growth and truly a moment to be stripped of facade and ego. To open our hearts wider. To receive AND to give loveWe all know someone that can use more than a hand right now.  It’s hard times. Look in your local community and tell me if everything is open and functioning like it did this time last year. Let’s call it what it is, hard times! I wanted to share ways this holiday season to consider extending.

I have learned through my journey when I did not have certain things and I slept on floors internationally and domestically that one thing I always did was made sure I gave, especially because I did not have. That’s right, I gave because I did not have. It was a test. And I knew I was being tested. I had life, I had faith, I had family, I had health, I had love, I had support, I had the things money could not allow me to go into a store to purchase. So I gave. To this day, I still give more than I receive and my children have been raised this way from the time they were each around 2 years of age. Giving for us is automatic, it is not an afterthought, nor a trend, nor of ego, nor is it a PR move for photo opts. 

The charities we support at nécessité I believe in, some I have witnessed their work more hands-on than others. These charities cannot exist without our support. These charities require help right now. To keep existing. Please consider making a private charitable donation. Any amount, if you’re able. A $1.00 from all of us reading this can add up and make a huge difference for them. Select a charity to support. Read up on them, to gain your trust and comfort. 

If you or you know someone in need of services, please guide them to some of these listed charities. The struggle is real, struggle is hard. We all require a hand somewhere along our journey, so let’s share a hand now more than we ever have as it is a nécessité. Find your charity to offer backbone if these do not speak to your spirit. 

I always donated our clothes over 20 years and shipped them to Africa where they were received and distributed to the local children in a village in Kenya. The photos and letters I received are some of the best-prized gifts I have ever received. I’m not sure who was happier with them receiving the clothes or me the photos and letters.

Thank you for reading and sharing the love.

With much gratitude.


Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified in Gut Health

Author of The Thriving Child, Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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