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In Conversation With: Joy Moyler


Joy Moyler has been influenced by fashion for as long as she can remember. Moyler is a three-time Elle A-List designer, a two-time Architectural Digest AD100 designer, was named one of the top 20 designers by The Hollywood Reporter.

Moyler expertly pulls inspiration from her architectural background, playing with colors, texture, and light combined with bespoke details as her special touch on projects. nécessité spoke with Moyler to discuss her interior inspirations, her accolades in Architectural Digest, as well as a few tips on how we can make our own homes more calming and spark some joy.

Where were you born and raised?

I am a native New Yorker, through and through. Strangely, a lot of people think I’m from California because I’ve worked there so much. I still get mail at the Viceroy Hotel! 

Tell us what you do exactly and what inspired you to pursue a path in home interiors?

I am an interior designer, though I started out as an architect at Skidmore, Owing & Merrill, a premier architectural firm in New York.  My focus is interior design, decorative arts for residential, hospitality, and commercial spaces. My work takes me all over the world; I recently completed a Golf Resort in Moscow, Russia, I’ve designed flagship stores for Ralph Lauren and was the Head of Interior Design for Giorgio Armani. I am currently designing a villa in Portofino, Italy.

Growing up in New York City, being surrounded by culture, architecture, food, fashion, and theatre…that is what inspired me to follow my architectural path. Numerous visits to my favorite New York City structure, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a visit to Madrid to see the works of architect Antoni Gaudi set me on my path to architecture and interiors.

Did you decorate your home growing up, if so, what were some decorating ideas you implemented in your home?

I love the color red! My mom did as well. She was perfectly fine with me selecting red lacquer walls for the living room, combined with white and black floral damask upholstery. We were big Vogue magazine readers. Diana Vreeland has red walls and was my design inspiration. I never looked back! I go mad for textiles, color, and craftsmanship!

What can people do in their personal space at home to create a more cheerful and calming environment?

My first recommendation and the least costly… to freshen your environment, be it home, an office, or any enclosure, is a fresh coat of paint, fresh flowers (or home spray), and a warm cup of whatever you prefer. Also, add new cotton bed linens that feel great on the skin, with a lavender sachet or linen spray to soothe the senses. Once completed, and your spirit is calm, you’ll have the energy to take on the bigger picture.

What do you love most about what you do?

The thing I love most about my work is enhancing people’s biggest investments so they can enjoy their lives and celebrate their accomplishments in an environment that is sacred to them. I also adore traveling the world finding cultural elements and extraordinary textiles by incredible makers and artists. 

Your London Countryside project was recently featured in Architectural Digest. How did that come about and what was it like working on that project? What was that feeling you experienced when you saw it for the first time in AD?

Architectural Digest knew I was working on another project in London, after finishing the Pia Getty project.  They asked for progress images and called within fifteen minutes saying they wanted famed interior photographer Simon Upton to shoot it! I was beyond delighted to see it on the pages!  It was certainly one of the biggest highlights of my career. I’ve been in most of the other shelter publications, but this was my first feature in AD with a twelve-page spread in what is known as “the well,” which is the back of the book and receives the biggest draw.  That added to the honor. They also published my Joy Moyler Atelier capsule dinnerware Collection in the same issue, which was an awesome lead for sales!

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment on being inducted into AD100. What does it mean and is this what the Grammys are to music, but to home design/interiors?

Thank you so much! Yes, it’s a big honor coveted in the interior design industry, I guess you could say akin to the Grammys for music.

What are some goals you would still love to accomplish?

I launched a capsule dinnerware collection Joy Moyler Atelier, at the end of 2020 which sold out quickly. I am currently designing new products and totally invigorated to expand product ranges into other areas as well.

I am the Design Editor for Veranda Magazine, which I enjoy a great deal. I look forward to expanding my writing where I can. I’ve always wanted to write for a shelter magazine, so this feels good!

Additionally, I started an Instagram IGTV Series “High Tea with Joy” during COVID lockdown. I call it “infotainment.”  I interview entrepreneurs, journalists, musicians, editors, designers, and chefs from every possible business spectrum.  I’m always captivated by people’s trajectories, what led them to where they are, their goals, the challenges they’ve faced and how they overcame them, ways to enrich communities, wellness issues, etc. It’s fun, informative, and entertaining. A combination of 60 Minutes, Oprah, and James Lipton without his blue index cards! I would love to develop ‘“HTWJ” for Netflix! There, I’ve put it in the universe!

What is your advice to someone who may want to get into interior decorating, but does not know how and/or where to start?

Study design, beyond the Instagram images you see.  Do The Work! Plan to continue doing the work. After 30 years, I work harder now than ever because the passion is still there. Know this is 80% business, 20% design. And, relationships are everything!  

In what ways do you stay positive mentally, physically, and healthily that is a nécessité

Just knowing I cannot control everything, by doing my bit to have a balanced life and finding joy in the simple things is a nécessité. I survived September 11th, the death of both my parents, best friend, and many others. As long as I stay healthy now, the rest is manageable. Like after quarantine and going through this pandemic, being home so much and my husband still wants to be married to me as much as I drive him crazy…that’s pretty darn good. Above all, do not let the darkness of the times cast a strong shadow to dull the light and just keep it moving. And whenever I get the chance, I turn the music up and dance until my knees hurt! Because in this game of life, when the music stops, I’m going to find a chair!

Photog Credit: Nick Carter

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