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Eating And Living For Climate: Do Our Food and Lifestyle Choices Really Impact Climate Change?

woman shopping at the farmers market

The answer is a resounding “YES!” and if one has ever been to a large wholesale food distributor like Sam’s Club or Costco, it would be reasonable to have disbelief that your individual lifestyle decisions could make a dent in the food system for the better.

Thousands, potentially millions of people across the country at any given second, waiting in line for a tasting of the latest microwavable Asian-fusion mystery meat dumping can be both disheartening and deliciously alluring.

And in our global and domestic news feeds, we see so many very “un-fake” climate change news stories that could leave even the biggest optimist a tad listless.

However no need to fret, numbers do add up, and action has an impact. One, two, three, climate, health, and sustainability enthusiasts can make a change.

Here is a list of everyday things we can do to make life a little bit better for our Earth Mom and everyone who resides on her.

No single-use plastics:

Plastics cause pollution and mercilessly invade our waterways, causing harm to wildlife. Re-useable water bottles made of glass, metal, or recycled and recyclable plastics are the way to go.

Car Share/Car-Pool/Drive an electric vehicle:

Fewer carbon emissions in our atmosphere from constant driving on city streets and rural highways mean more clean oxygen for everyone to breathe. We need that.

Eat More Plants:

We know that Meatless Mondays have been a thing for a few years, but have you tried going meat-free/dairy-free/processed food-free on the rest of the days yet? Also, eating more plants is great for animals but also amazing for your health.

Support Your Local Farmer:

Shopping at farmer’s markets builds the sustainability of your micro-economy by putting local consumer dollars back into local business owners’ hands. In addition, most small farmers these days grow organically as well, so you are supporting your health by eating their beautifully grown produce.

Cook at home and eat with friends and family:

Making your food builds community and stabilizes family units while instilling positive social interaction and self-care behaviors.  It’s also cheaper than going out to eat.

Every one of the tips above can positively impact our Earth’s and Climate’s health for generations to come. The numbers add up, and when we all pitch in, we can make a change. 

Original publish date: 10/19/2019

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