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Founder Friday: The Power of Karma with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

Happy Day Beautiful being. How are you? Ask yourself as well. “How am I?” Scan over yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Does anything feel off and not in balance?

If so, breathe and ask what you can do to help make it feel more complete and aligned with you. We have the power within us to make any changes required to live a bountiful, full life and one full of zest.

We must go deep within ourselves, so it can reflect outward and take the step to do so. I daily face my truth. Even if it can be uncomfortable and painful, I face it and always aim to handle it and create my balance rather than run and avoid myself, issues, and my truth. One way I have found by doing so and creating some positivity in my energetic realm is making sure, regardless of how it appears and feels, that my choices are not of destruction to myself or anyone, whether I know them or not.

Making sure my heart and actions are positive. My intentions. Instant actions. That I am growing, evolving, and becoming more enlightened brings me to ask you, have you heard of Karma? Do you believe in Karma? Do you make choices for yourself in your personal life based on Karma?

Karma, I learned about it in my late teen years but never understood it nor lived so karmic. At first glance, my hearing of the word Karma or anything close to it was seeing a book on

“Kama Sutra.” But this is Karma; I am referring to it in the cosmic realm, not sexual and erotic, like the book I discovered.

Karma is a Sanskrit word. It’s our actions or deeds and the good fortune or consequences that may follow from intentions. Many people and groups have different views on Karma. When I used to do kundalini yoga, one of my instructors sometimes spoke of Karma. I hear about it more often today. I often tell my children always to aim to keep their Karma clean and positive, their path and journey that they walk right for themselves.

Where you sleep peacefully through the night, and you’re not playing with fire or inflicting pain on yourself or anyone else. Where you tip well, you help others. Your heart is giving. You’re kind. We are not choosing to be malicious. Vindictive. Mean. Lying. Stealing. We are doing evil or wrong to others or even to yourself. If so, be prepared to handle the consequences as they always make us face our truth and actions at some point in our lives and live with our choices. Energy is real. The spiritual journey of Karma can bring enlightening experiences to us or not. We all must deal with our life choices and what we say and or/do, even if it takes years (Positive or negative).

The day comes. It is not our place to wreak havoc on anyone or for ourselves. Have you seen anyone live through their Karma choices? I believe I have. I can honestly say my Karma life feels great; I am proud of my choices in how I treat myself and others and how I also feed into my instant Karma. I am not perfect, but I choose to have my actions right. What about your karma journey? Live well. Do right. Choose nicely and wisely. Leave the other stuff to the others.

Everyone in life has their place. Our hearts are reflections of who we are. Our actions are too. We can say one thing, but what we do says it the loudest.

This weekend, sit still with yourself and see where you can sincerely apologize to yourself or someone or even choose to do better in your actions. It’s a lifestyle choice in how you decide to live; it’s not only about what you choose to eat or wear. It’s your actions.

The universe always watches and speaks to you; you must be willing to listen and obey. After all, why not choose to live here on earth feeling joy, abundance, and doing your best? It feels incredible when doing so.

Here’s to Karma.

I send you a huge healthy, positive Karma hug. You are a nécessité.

Much love & gratitude,

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Gut Health & Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)

Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.

Author of The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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