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Founder Friday: Traveling & Living Life with Erica Reid


Dear Beautiful nécessité,

It’s November…… Live it up! I said, Live it up! Life is challenging, beautiful, and only one time around in this physical body. I have been celebrating, celebrating, and celebrating life and its moments to the fullest. I am truly enjoying life. So important for my mental and spiritual health. Although not every moment in life is always great for me, I jump the hurdles (Pain, aches, and all). Pain is hard; of all people, I know and understand it. When you feel like you must learn to live with it, you face two options live or not live. I choose to live! You learn how even when it is beyond uncomfortable.

Having this new amount of freedom in my life again is incredible. Being tied to school schedules was difficult because it forced me to be settled, and still, in a way, I never knew it. I had to learn and appreciate that shift, and I did so wholeheartedly and with no regrets. It took me away from myself, but boy, have I reconnected with myself again, and I LOVE IT. I LOVE HER- ERICA…. Of course, I miss those school days and my children’s younger years (it is bittersweet), but I look forward, and I receive and accept the new Erica time. My new routine is LOVING and LIVING for ME more. 

I want to share some great hotels in case you are in any of these areas and encourage you to celebrate your life more and get out. Do not let anyone or anything hold you back from loving and enjoying yourself. Get out. Enjoy life’s beautiful blessings. Feed your curiosity. 

When we travel, whether it be myself or my husband and I together or with our entire family, they all always, always, always prefer I book our hotel rooms and travel because no one knows any of us better than my husband and I always prefer I do it as he trusts and loves my taste. Not too long ago, my husband wanted me to join him in Ohio for an awards presentation for his friends; my, my, my, the hotel was horrific (I did not book it), so you will not find that here at all. As he recently said when we were preparing to travel to London this past summer, “You book it because they are not going to do a better job than you.” 

When we recently went to London, the place was cute (I did not book it), but not for my husband individually or us as a couple or family, but I am super grateful we had a place to lay our heads and all be together, safe and with beds and food. My hands were super full, and I told him I was not able to handle this accommodation booking because it required so much of me and back and forth, so I had to pass the buck to focus on preparing for this big trip. So grateful we were healthy and all together; that is what mattered.

Here are a few places I recently visited and enjoyed. Keep in mind, usually the last 20 years, I have been at home on the school schedule, but not anymore. Woot woot. Do you hear me saying woot, woot? Listen and feel it. Woot Woot. It is lovely beyond, I must admit. I share with you in case this holiday season you are able and are in the area or know someone else that may require some suggestions on places to travel. If you cannot go and it is not in your budget, see if you can use the spa, sauna, or steam room or sit at the restaurant and order a cup of tea. Create your moment and do what works for you and your budget. 

If you are going to any of these places, here are some suggestions to possibly help. 

Dallas, Texas

I went recently because I was invited to Texas for the Schiaparelli event with Neiman Marcus. I spent time with the Paris team, Daniel, the new designer, and a group of lovely Southern women. It was special. I am honored to have been invited. Culturally, it was an experience to see how the Dallas women fare during the day. Dolled up and ready. They come out to support and get dressed. I know I love a moment of getting dressed and tapping more into my inner lady. Room service is very southern. So that was my challenge, but they were so so so caring and accommodating. Thank you, Ritz.

Quiet location. Clean hotel. Great customer service. The team here was so hospitable and polite and with no attitude. Enjoy the southern charm.

The Ritz- Carlton

2121 McKinney Avenue 

Dallas, Texas 75201

New York City, New York

Now you know this is my city. I always have so so much fun and appreciation here. This city supports me, and it carries me through. Every day and all day. Even if it is just going to the acupuncturist 3x-4x a week for relief. Getting some healing remedies is better than not. Although we have a pied-a-tier in NYC that I love and appreciate so much, my husband prefers we stay together in a hotel to have a bit more space. Still, one time this summer, I did not feel like packing to stay in a hotel and kept going back and forth because prepping & carrying a bag was too much for me then, and I needed to be closer to my appointments during that time. So the commute I had to avoid and do what was less stressful and less physical for me, so I stayed in my domain and skipped the hotel commute. 

Now this establishment-Chic. It feels like you are in Venice, but you’re in the big apple. Of course, it is costly like everything else in the world we are all experiencing, but if you can treat yourself here, ask for the rooms that are not on the water or be prepared to be awakened by 4 am with all the horns, water traffic, and helicopters starting the day. 

Casa Cipriani

10 South Street 

NYC., NY. 10004

Canyon Point, Utah

This is a place I have been to before when they first opened. It is stunning each time I go. This time it was a bit different because our friends booked out the entire place to celebrate their life. It was fabulous. I met some super great people; I relaxed and enjoyed the moments they created for us. It was spectacular. If you can visit, spoil yourself rotten while here. The team here was incredible beyond, and they understood hospitality (I worked in the industry, so I know). Every single person. Spectacular overall, not just aesthetically. You can go glamping here too. Ask for rooms that are like tents. 


1 Kayenta Road

Canyon Point, Utah 84741

I have been traveling and living life. I am celebrating myself, my health, my life, and my journey. It has been truly a gift to be able to do so, and I take none of it for granted. I gave myself an intimate, simple celebration party. Seen friends. Connected with friends and met new friends. I have been putting on clothes worn more by my hangers than I (I had to fix that), like this lovely, gorgeous blue coat seen in a photo that I have had for a while—talking on the phone to friends near and far. Loving life. Supporting friends, showing up for others, going places, and challenging myself. Concerts. Experimenting. I am so thankful. I take none of this for granted at all. Finding ways to make it work for me. I still have not been able to ride bikes, drive, swim, dance, skip, and jump, but GOD knows it is all on my list! I am simply making the best of it all and keeping my mind healthy and in the right place to function and receive GOD’s abundance. 

Is there anything you want to do but maybe afraid of? Why? 

Have fun. Live your best life. Create your moments. Live it up, but be respectful and kind, do not hurt people, and have integrity while doing so, or else…your consequences will present themselves eventually; give it time (Karma is real).

Thank you for sharing this moment with me. I am so appreciative. Celebrate you! Big Hug!

Much Love & Gratitude,

Erica Reid
Founder of nécessité
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified in Gut Health
Certified in Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.
Author of The Thriving Child (Parenting)
Author of Shut Up and Cook! (Cookbook)

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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