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Founder Friday: The Year of intentions with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

Happy, Blessed, and Healthy New Year! Welcome to 2023… How are you? How was your holiday season? I must be honest; mine was simple, easy, and full of love and fun. It was nice. The intimate time gathering with family and friends cannot be replaced. We all had so much fun—simple fun like playing games, cooking, watching movies, and enjoying being together. 

We made it special for each of us. Loved it. I am grateful for it all. Now we transition into another new year. Thank you, GOD. I ask myself questions often, and one that I do not ask myself is, “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”

I stopped making resolutions years ago. They never worked or stuck for me. I did not understand what I was doing, what it meant, and what I desired from my core. I was saying whatever with no real meaning or intent behind it. What I started doing years ago that gave me comfort and peace is setting more intentions for myself—honoring, caring for, loving, liking, and showering my inner GODDESS with extra love. A few years ago, I married myself separately of being married to my husband. Yes, I married myself. This has been one of the best things I have done for myself. I stay committed to myself. I honor me! I fell in love with myself. It is a love that is a natural high. A glow that is from within.

I give to me. I aim to live right. Do right. My meditation and connection to GOD have grown deeper. I commit to myself to continue to learn and evolve. To be caring and thoughtful. To think of others, to share, and to be kind. To be loving. To have fun. To be my honest self. To embrace and accept all of me. To not feed the ego. To water nécessité daily. To grow nécessité and to learn from her. To enjoy my journey. This is what fuels me and what I work on daily.

Anything I do, the majority of the time, comes from my gift of my strong, beautiful intuition and my connection to the power of GOD. I have found if I stay connected to the source of GOD and myself, I feel more divine. Alive. Free. I go forth with intentions. Have intentions. I am realistic with myself. 

Make this year what you desire. You do have the vision and the power to do so. Pull it out of you.  If you are alive and given the gift of today, there are always moments to improve somewhere if you allow yourself to be honest and turn the corner. Never too old, never too young, and never too late. Today is a gift. Make it matter! What are you waiting for? What is one intention you have for yourself?

Happy New Year, beautiful you. Make it one of your best; start now! We can do this. You got this. You are a nécessité 

Much love & gratitude,
Erica Reid,
Founder of nécessité
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified Gut Health
Certified Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certification T. Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies.
Author of The Thriving Child (Parenting)
Author of Shut Up and Cook! (Cookbook)

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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