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Founder Friday: Honoring ALL Mothers with Erica Reid


Dear nécessité,

Happy Mother’s Day, Beautiful. First, I thank my mother, my Grandmothers, and myself for being blessed to be mothers and caring for our loving children in our village, perfectly but imperfectly! I get more messages on Mother’s Day than on my own birthday. I am grateful for both ways! I can honestly say I feel so warm when all the people message, call or send me items for Mother’s Day. 

My peers have watched me blossom in this role and gift that I asked for and received and decided to take on 100%. I have always been committed and never wavered through all the tears, challenges, and sleepless moments. Anyone that knows me knows I give my all, regardless! If I say I am going to do something, I do it wholeheartedly. 

While I am not the world’s perfect, I am our perfect. I am a great, present, hands-on Mother. I did/do not do everything according to the books, but I do what I feel is right for my children in that given moment. I would not change anything; it is truly one of my life’s greatest callings. For me, I set the intention from conception of what type of mother I would be and how involved, present, and available I choose to be for my children. 

I educated myself and filled myself with so much knowledge to do so. I listened consistently to the inner voice that guided me because I had no manual; I was the manual! I wanted to help others because I learned so much, and I knew many of the challenges faced as mothers. I even decided to write a book to help us raise our children to thrive as mothers and caregivers- The Thriving Child (I cannot believe it has been over ten years since I created that first book). That was all GOD; I was only used as the vessel.



While I am given this opportunity with you, I take this moment to say THANK YOU to all the mothers that have come into my life and made an impact and came into my life through their children. For if it were not for mothers, you would not be reading this, and I would not be writing it. So, I thank my ancestors, thank you for the mothers in our lineage. 

My grandmothers, thank you for sharing your son and daughter to make me possible. My friends in my life are a gift shared with me from their mothers. The nécessité team, a gift from their mother. My husband, a gift from his mother. My sisters, a gift from our mother. 

My spiritual healer, a gift from her mother. The lovely hostess at some of my favorite restaurants, a gift from their mother. My 5th-grade teacher, a gift from her mother. My manicurist, a gift from her mother. I thank you, Mother Earth, as you are a huge healing gift for me from GOD. I thank GOD and the mother in me for gifting me, children. Thank you for bearing your soul, sharing your spirit to create life, and sharing so much with me.

I learn from mothers. I grew from a mother. I cultivate from mothers. I blossom from mothers. I shine from mothers. I am me because of my mother, grandmother, and ancestral mothers. I THANK YOU all! I appreciate this day and acknowledge you all this weekend and every day. Everyone who comes our way or passes us by acknowledge them and say Happy Mother’s Day; even if they have no biological children or children present, they came from a mother! Next to life, mothers are the highest gift. Let’s honor and celebrate the mother in us all today and every day.

I gratefully embrace and accept all my gifts, especially the gift of proudly saying,

 I am a mother! 

Happy Mother’s Day. You are a nécessité.

Much love and gratitude,

Erica Reid,
Founder of nécessité
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified Gut Health
Certified Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition
Certification T.Colin Campbell for Nutrition Studies
Author of The Thriving Child (Parenting)
Author of Shut Up and Cook! (Cookbook)

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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