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Erica Reid presents Founder Friday From Paris, Milan, to Nasdaq


Dear beautiful you, nécessité,

How are you, my dear? Are you enjoying your season of fall thus far? I must admit, I am feeling so extra grateful and truly full of God’s grace. I am so in love more and more each day with GOD. It’s the best feeling ever. Do you know what I mean? He keeps me going, full of love, care, and gratitude, and gives me the zest for life and so much more.

I truly love and appreciate my life and do not take it for granted. I have worked very hard to get to where I am. Through many health challenges, I had to embrace it all. Self-love and personal development are important and real to feel great! That brings me to share with you where life has taken me recently. I usually like to get to Paris for my fix this time of year. It has been this way since the 90s for me. Recently, I went to Paris, and I had one of the best trips to Paris I have ever ever ever had.

It was during Fashion Week (but without the pretentious feeling in the air that sometimes can present itself during this time of year). It felt so different this time. It was so much fun and constant fun for me. It was spontaneous and simple fun. A natural high on life, just what I know and like. There were so many highlights from seeing Usher in concert in Paris. WOW, on another level (the last time I was in Paris with Usher was when we had to be on set for the making of his video Nice and Slow, you know, the one, “It’s 7’o’clock on the dot”), attending his dinner with Creed fragrance where it was a huge, huge honor to introduce my friend Christian Louboutin and Usher to each other. Imagine.


I’m like, GOD is using me here as this connector vessel to introduce these two talented and incredible beings. OK, I receive it. THANK YOU. I did not take that moment for granted at all. Icon to icon. Sole to Soul. (Get it). That was a huge honor for me, and I am grateful for it all, as it all added extra inner joy and many outer smiles for me. I met such lovely and amazing people, and great energy was everywhere. Seeing new and old friends and connecting and hugging and conversing with great people was divine (and to eat French fries).

Not doing any domestic work or a lot of cooking and then being left with many muscle aches was really the best part of being away. Ha, no joke! It was pure fun, without much pain and discomfort. F U N. Exactly what the healing doctor ordered. From Paris, I had to go to Milan for a work meeting quickly and made sure to get me pasta, pasta, all gluten and dairy-free. Al Baretto San Marco offered me a yummy bowl of gluten-free risotto. He told me we had to order a starter and entree, but it says that nowhere, not on any menu, wall, etc…so take note… Another place I went for great food to get gluten-free pasta, Niko Romito, Michelin rated, yes, you ought to go. After bowls of pasta and a meeting, I later jetted safely to NYC.

As an entrepreneur and female Founder, I was invited to bring my daughter to participate in an incredibly special moment for girls, to join a fierce group of strong and determined young girls to ring the bell on the stock exchange for “International Day of the Girl.” Thank you, ladies, for this amazing once-in-a-lifetime invite. Talk about another honor. It was incredible to witness our future in action. Ambition on another level. These girls have it going on—ambition but with good intentions, how it’s supposed to be.


Where are the male leaders elevating our men and our young boys? I repeat, where are the male leaders elevating our men and our young boys??? Have we left them emotionally in the sandbox?!? Girls have something that makes them a doer for the most part. Anyway, to be present in this moment was priceless and another honor. I am grateful for every moment mentioned above and every encounter with every person. Thank you. Thank you, Paris, Milan, and Nasdaq. I am grateful and full of gratitude.

Much love and gratitude,
Warm Regards,
Erica Reid
Founder of nécessité
Certified Holistic Health Coach
Certified in Gut Health
Certified in Auricular Therapy (Ear Seeds)
Author of The Thriving Child and Shut Up and Cook!

Erica Reid, Founder of nécessité
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